This project has a blueprint, which is available at

To use the tool, first install local requirements using

pip install -r blueprint/requirements.txt

Then compile documentations using make blueprint in the top-level directory. Alternatively, if the PDF is needed, type

cd blueprint
make pdf

Use of LaTeX inside Lean

For those using github's copilot (free for educators), it's very convenient to have the natural language statements right next to the Lean to be formalized. So we write the blueprint TeX right in the *.lean document, separated by delimiters /-%% text here %%-/ for multi-line and --%% text here for single-line TeX. The code automatically scrapes these and populates the blueprint accordingly.

Quick contributions via gitpod

If you want to quickly contribute to the project without installing your own copy of lean, you can do so using gitpod. Simply visit:, or click the button below:

Open in Gitpod

All the required dependencies will be loaded (this takes a few minutes), after which you will be brought to a web-based vscode window, where you can edit the code, and submit PR's.