mdgen is a tool to generate .md files from .lean files.

A similar tool, lean2md, is already available, but it is written in Python. mdgen is written purely in Lean. And mdgen has more features!

How to use

Add this repository to your lakefile:

require mdgen from git
  "" @ "main"

Don't forget to run lake update mdgen after editing the lakefile. And simply run lake exe mdgen <input_dir> <output_dir>.


mdgen has the following features:

  • The comments enclosed with an /-! ... -/ or /- ... -/ are converted as ground text.

  • Nested block comments can also be handled. You can also insert a code block in the block comment.

  • The inline comment, doc comment and non-comment parts are converted to lean code blocks.

  • Lines ending with --# are ignored.

  • Lines enclosed by --#-- are ignored.

  • Directories within input_dir will also be converted.

If you want to know more details, check the test code.


I would like to acknowledge the author of lean2md, @arthurpaulino.