Lean cvc5 FFI


The Lean cvc5 is a Foreign Function Interface (FFI) library that provides a minimal interface to the cvc5 solver in Lean. It was designed to support the needs of the lean-smt tactic. The FFI allows Lean programs to interact with cvc5 by calling its functions and accessing its API.


  • Minimal interface to the cvc5 solver (contributions are welcome!)
  • Currently only works with Linux (x86_64) and macOS (AArch64) (support for Windows and other architectures is planned for future releases)

Getting Started

To use the cvc5 FFI in your project, add the following line to your list of dependencies in lakefile.lean:

require smt from git "https://github.com/abdoo8080/lean-cvc5.git" @ "main"


Contributions to the Lean cvc5 FFI project are welcome! If you would like to contribute, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Fork the repository
  2. Create a new branch for your feature or bug fix
  3. Submit a pull request with a clear description of your changes