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Aegis is a tool for the verification of Cairo code.


import Aegis.Commands

-- Load a Sierra file
aegis_load_file "../foo.sierra"

-- Provide the specification of the function double
aegis_spec "foo::foo::double" :=
  fun _ a ρ => ρ = a * a

-- Prove the correctness of the specification
aegis_prove "foo::foo::double" :=
  fun _ a ρ => by
  rintro rfl

-- Check that we have verified all functions exported by the Sierra file, otherwise
-- print an error message listing the missing proofs

Further example usage can be found in Aegis.Tests.Commands.

An incomplete verification of Cairo's corelib can be found here.

When loading your own Cairo code, it is advisable to compile it to Sierra in the following way:

  • Use the -r option in order to keep reasonable names for identifiers instead of numbers.
  • Remove all #[inline(always)] decorators to make the verification easier.


  • A few Libfuncs are not implemented yet, a list can be found in libfuncs_todo
  • There is no mechanism yet for giving and using polymorphic specifications for polymorphic Cairo functions
  • A few libfunc specifications might be improved in the future to streamline proofs


Feel free to contribute PRs if you find bugs or if you want to add e.g. additional tests or libfunc implementations.


For any questions about Aegis, contact javra.