A static analysis tool for Lean 4.

jixia is a new static analysis tool for Lean 4 with two main purposes in mind: building a Lean-aware IDE and extracting useful data for machine learning.

This project is part of BICMR@PKU AI for math program.

jixia stands for 稷下, where 稷下学宫 was historically located.


  • Non-instrusive: No change need to be made on the target file. This improves cache utilization, notably on mathlib4.
  • Single-file analysis
  • Source-level info: Includes information such as source range for each defined function, their arguments and return types, etc.
  • Easy to extend: jixia's plugin-based design makes it easy to extend while keeping all the advantages above.


jixia comes with several plugins.

  • Import: list of imported modules.
  • Declaration: source-level info about each declaration (def, theorem, inductive, etc.).
  • Symbol: info about symbols (or constants in Lean 4 terminology) after elaboration, including their types and reference graph.
  • Tactic: infor about tactics used in module, including states before and after execution.
  • Line: proof state at the beginning of each line, as displayed in VSCode infoview.
  • AST: a full dump of parsed commands.

Each plugin can be set to output to a json file or be turned off individually. For example,

/path/to/jixia -d Example.decl.json -s Example.sym.json -t Example.tac.json -l Example.lines.json Example.lean

will generate the corresponding json files from the declaration, symbol, tactic, and line plugins. If a flag is omitted, the corresponding plugin will not run.

When analyzing a module in a package, You must first build your package with lake build (or with lake exe cache get for mathlib-based projects). You also need to set the environment variables to make imports work, by running jixia as

lake env /path/to/jixia [other arguments]

in your project root, i.e., where lakefile.lean is located.



If your file contains initialize commands, you may need to use the -i flag to enable the execution of initializers. In particular, you should include this flag when analyzing mathlib4.

Compiler Compatibility

jixia must be built with the exact same version of Lean as the file to be analyzed. jixia is known to be compatible with Lean v4.6.0, v4.7.0, and v4.8.0.