LeanSSR: an SSReflect-Like Tactic Language for Lean

This repository provides LeanSSR: a SSReflect tactic DSL for Lean4. LeanSSR extends Coq/SSReflect's tactic DSL with various new DSL constructions and enhanced mechanism for computational reflection.


With elan installed, lake build should suffice.

Adding LeanSSR to your project

To use the latest version of LeanSSR in a Lean 4 project, first add this package as a dependency. In your lakefile.lean, add

require ssreflect from git "https://github.com/verse-lab/lean-ssr" @ "master"

Then run

lake update ssreflect

You also need to make sure that your lean-toolchain file contains the same version of Lean 4 as LeanSSR's, and that your versions of LeanSSR's dependencies (currently only Batteries4) match. THe project does not support version ranges at the moment.

You may also consider using a stable release of the framework by adding the following to your lakefile.lean instead:

require ssreflect from git "https://github.com/verse-lab/lean-ssr" @ "v1.0"

Once LeanSSR is downloaded and compiler, the following test file should compile:

import Ssreflect.Lang

example {α : Type} : α → α := by
  -- The following is equivalent to 
  -- intro x; trivial
  move=> x//



You can find LeanSSR use case examples at Examples folder