BibtexQuery: a simple command-line bibtex query utility

BibtexQuery is a command-line utility that reads in a bibtex file and performs simple queries. A query is a string of the form q.querystring, where q is either a for author, t for title, k for key, c for class (i.e. book, article, etc), or w for keywords, and querystring is a string (without spaces). BibtexQuery reads in a bibtex file, and returns the entries that match all the queries given as command-line parameters. Note that the entries are processed in such a way that strips diacritics, spaces and special characters before the queries are performed. In addition, the list of authors is normalized to firstnamelastname. Hence, for example, Dupuis, Frédéric will match the query a.ericdup.

Note that currently, only a subset of the official Bibtex format is supported; features such as predefined strings and concatenation using # are not supported. It is unclear whether this will ever be supported in the future; I only wrote this to learn how to do "normal programming" in Lean 4, and I don't personally use these Bibtex features.

Installation instructions

Make sure you have a working Lean 4 installation (see here for how to do that), and then type lake build in the main directory. The executable should appear in .lake/build/bin.