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  1. leanprover-community/mathlib

    The math library of Lean 4

  2. lean-dojo/LeanCopilot

    LLMs as Copilots for Theorem Proving in Lean

  3. Paper-Proof/examples

    Lean theorem proving interface which feels like pen-and-paper proofs.

  4. lecopivo/scilean

    Scientific computing in Lean 4

  5. leanprover-community/batteries

    The "batteries included" extended library for the Lean programming language and theorem prover

  6. leanprover-community/lean4-metaprogramming-book

    No description provided.

  7. leanprover-community/aesop

    White-box automation for Lean 4

  8. wellecks/ntptutorial

    Tutorial on neural theorem proving

  9. ImperialCollegeLondon/FLT

    Ongoing Lean formalisation of the proof of Fermat's Last Theorem

  10. AlexKontorovich/PrimeNumberTheoremAnd

    blueprint for prime number theorem and more

  11. kmill/render

    A simple raytracer written in Lean 4

  12. teorth/PFR

    Repository for formalization of the Polynomial Freiman Ruzsa conjecture (and related results)

  13. wellecks/llmstep

    llmstep: [L]LM proofstep suggestions in Lean 4.

  14. lurk-lab/yatima

    A zero-knowledge Lean4 compiler and kernel

  15. leanprover-community/proofwidgets

    Helper toolkit for creating your own Lean 4 UserWidgets

  16. leanprover-community/Game

    Natural Number Game

  17. google-deepmind/debate

    Formalizing stochastic doubly-efficient debate

  18. ufmg-smite/smt

    Tactics for discharging Lean goals into SMT solvers.

  19. PatrickMassot/glimpseOfLean

    An introduction to theorem proving in Lean for the impatient.

  20. ImperialCollegeLondon/formalising-mathematics-2024

    Formalising Mathematics; a course for undergraduate mathematicians. Ran between January and March 2024.